Service Policies, Health and Long Life

None of us are getting any younger, and that goes for your furnaces and boilers also.  So that leads us to the question “Is buying a service policy a good idea?”  We think so.

Jamie Oil offers 3 different levels of service policies to suit your specific needs.   All equipment should be cleaned/tuned up annually so our tune up policy is an easy choice and we offer it to you at a flat, competitive rate. We’ll even send you a reminder notice when it’s due for a cleaning because keeping your system “healthy” with annual maintenance leads to a longer life.

Even if we take care of ourselves, we can all slip a disc at some point and that is why we offer policies with more coverage. Our standard policy covers the tune up and additionally provides coverage for a long list of parts and the labor to install those parts.  With the cost of copper parts rising, one repair will normally pay for the additional cost of the coverage.

For those of you with boilers and possibly water on the knee, our deluxe policy provides what the standard policy does but also covers some water parts. Deluxe policies are intended for boilers only as there is no benefit to the consumer who owns a warm-air furnace to purchase deluxe coverage. The deluxe policy will be about $50 more than what a tune up and annual purge for your boiler would cost, so dollar wise it also makes sense.

The last thing you need is an unexpected expense, especially around the holidays.  We can’t set the clock back on your system, but our policies can give you a little peace of mind. You may be surprised at how much you can save!

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