FDR and Something to Remember

National Archives and Records Administration / Public domain
National Archives and Records Administration / Public domain

To most people, the acronym FDR stands for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 34th President of the United States, who worked brilliantly with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in an effort to save democracy and win World War II.

At Garthwaite Energy, FDR means something entirely different. To us FDR stands for the three most important things we want to do when we service our customers every day. It is really pretty simple: We want to be Fair, Decent and Reasonable with all of our customers, employees and business partners one hundred percent of the time.

We understand that we DO NOT live in a perfect world. We understand that sometimes our customers pay two days late for an oil delivery and miss our prompt payment discount. We know that homeowner’s heating systems fail at the worst possible time, requiring an expensive repair, just when the real estate taxes are due or the day after the college tuition was paid.  Our goal is to be responsive to our customer’s needs. This is the case especially for good clients that have been with us for a number of years, as a locally owned company we can often assist our clients when they call us for help.

So if you lost your delivery slip and do not want to miss the discount, or your water heater is leaking and your monthly Social Security check won’t cover the cost, or you wish your budget payment was $15.00   lower every month next winter, feel free to call us, we want to help.

At Garthwaite Energy, we are guided by our long term goals. We have never been interested in trying to get rich quick or take advantage of any short term situation. Maintaining a good customer base that appreciates the work we do is our top priority. Without our customers we have nothing.

One last thing we teach our employees is that while we spend countless hours training them to do the best job they possibly can, if they are not sure what to do, just remember to treat the customer as you would want your mother to be treated, and everything will work out for the best!

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