Whether you are looking to service your home, equipment, or business, you can rely on Garthwaite to get the job done! Founded by Peter Garthwaite, Garthwaite Energy, Inc. has been servicing York County for over 30 years. Peter led the company for over 20 years, incorporating his key values: integrity, honor, intelligence, dedication, and competence. These principles remain a part of the company’s foundation as we strive to provide our community with excellence.

Our current President and Owner, Tom Carey, purchased Garthwaite in the fall of 2013. With Tom’s 35+ years of heating oil and propane experience, he quadrupled the size of the company incorporating his vast industry knowledge, enabling reliable supply at competitive prices. Our team, at Garthwaite, quickly adapted Tom’s coined phrase, “FDR”. The acronym not to be confused with the 34th President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, instead portrays the three most important things we do as a company. We want to be Fair, Decent, and Reasonable with our customers, employees, and business partners one hundred percent of the time. Tom is often overheard instructing staff to treat customers the way they would like their own mother to be treated. Since Garthwaite Energy, Inc. has been established, our winning formula has not changed: hard work, fair prices, outstanding quality, and satisfaction guaranteed has put us where we are today.

“We understand that we DO NOT live in a perfect world. We understand that sometimes our customers pay two days late for an oil delivery and miss our prompt payment discount. We know that homeowners’ heating systems always seem to fail at the worst possible time, requiring an expensive repair, just when the real estate taxes are due or the day after the college tuition was paid. Our goal is to be responsive to our customers’ needs. This is the case especially for good clients who have been with us for years. As a locally owned company, we can assist our clients when they ask us for help.”

-Tom Carey (Owner & President)

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